This page has been created for those who are having difficulties in setting up DATA projectors and connecting them to a Laptop.  For immediate help, please contact Technology Services.

DATA/Video Projector Setup

  • The following information is basic. If you follow through these step-by-step instructions, and the projector still does not function, please contact Technology Services.
  • Connect 15 pin VGA cable into projector Computer/RGB Input 
  • Connect other end of signal cable to laptop's VGA/Monitor Output 
  • Plug power cords (for projector and laptop) into power source 
  • Press power on projector 
  • Turn on laptop 
  • Adjust height, zoom, and focus of projector accordingly 

Trouble Shooting 

  • If you are unable to obtain an image, check the following: 
  1. The projector power cord is plugged into the AC wall outlet 
  2. The power button is on 
  3. The main power indicator light is green (or red) 
  4. Confirm input selection is correct (Computer/RGB1) 
  5. Cables are properly connected to projector and/or computer 
  • If the color is faded or poor: 
  1. Adjust picture and brightness 


    • Press "On/Off" button on top panel (press twice on some projectors) 
    • Wait for projector fan to stop running 
    • Attach lens cover to lens and retract feet