Jobs For Which This Program Prepares Students

Anthropology Instructor: Teaching at community colleges or private high schools. A master’s degree is sufficient education to teach at this level.

Doctoral Candidate: Entering doctoral programs in anthropology with master’s level course work, and a thesis, completed.

Mission Ethnographer: Doing research on cultures for mission and other church agencies. Analyzing the cultural elements in organizations and society for the purpose of effective cross-cultural communication.

Anthropological Consultant: Consulting for business, government, and nongovernmental service agencies as a fully trained ethnographer/anthropologist, thereby contributing to good practice in cross-cultural settings.

Higher Education for Management: Gaining a master’s degree in a cross-cultural social science for the purpose of advancement to management levels in current employment, where such higher education is encouraged.

“As an online student I enjoyed the easy access to my program professors. They were always helpful and easy to work with for virtual meetings. My desire is to help underserved communities through social entrepreneurship & nonprofit work. The understanding of society and culture I received from my program at Eastern equipped me to develop programs and solutions to help communities.”

Robin Scott, MA '21