MA Theological and Cultural Anthropology

Jobs for which this program prepares students:

  1. Anthropology Instructor:  Teaching at community colleges or private high schools.  A master’s degree is sufficient education to teach at this level.
  2. Doctoral Candidate:  Entering doctoral programs in anthropology with master’s level course work, and a thesis, completed. 
  3. Mission Ethnographer:  Doing research on cultures for mission and other church agencies.  Analyzing the cultural elements in organizations and society for the purpose of effective cross-cultural communication.
  4. Anthropological Consultant:  Consulting for business, government, and nongovernmental service agencies as a fully trained ethnographer/anthropologist, thereby contributing to good practice in cross-cultural settings.
  5. Higher Education for Management:  Gaining a master’s degree in a cross-cultural social science for the purpose of advancement to management levels in current employment, where such higher education is encouraged.

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