MDiv/MBA Social Impact

Program Overview

This distinctive MDiv/MBA dual degree program represents the Seminary's longstanding commitment to holistic ministry: ministry that addresses spiritual, emotional, social and material needs. 

Program Details

The MBA portion of this dual degree program equips mission-driven leaders to confront complex societal challenges using the tools of business innovation. It features instruction from groundbreaking leaders in the social impact sector and real-world practice at promoting social transformation through inclusive leadership, entrepreneurship and systems design. The MDiv portion of the program prepares students for effective Christian ministry.

Earning the MDiv and the MBA degrees separately would normally require five years of full-time study. This program is designed to enable students to complete both degrees in a total of four years. MBA coursework fulfills some of the electives required for the MDiv while one MDiv course is recognized as fulfilling one of the course requirements for the MBA. (For part-time students the time needed to complete the degrees varies based on course load.)

Application Process

Applicants for this dual degree program should complete the application process for the Palmer Seminary Master of Divinity. As part of that process, they will receive instructions on how to apply for the Eastern University portion of the degree. (Many dual degree students wait till they begin their first year at the Seminary before beginning the application process for Eastern University.)

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