Eastern University's undergraduate AA in Early Childhood Studies prepares excellent educational practitioners who can serve in a variety of early learning settings. Students are trained to communicate effectively, think critically, embrace cultural and linguistic diversity, utilize technology appropriately, practice inclusive interventions, learn independently and collaboratively, and serve competently in their chosen field.


  • EXPERT PROFESSORS, SMALL CLASSES:  ​Eastern’s curriculum is taught by experienced professionals who are current in the education field’s latest developments and best practices. Students receive individual attention through small class sizes and access to key stakeholders in the program.
  • METHODS MEET FIELD WORK: ​Methods courses are merged with field experiences in a variety of educational settings. 
  • SUPPORT SYSTEM:  Students have access to advisors, tutors and to ample educational and research materials to support your work, including a learning management system that follows high quality online learning guidelines. 
  • ETHICALLY SOUND: ​Formed from a Christian worldview rooted in Eastern’s core values of of Faith, Reason and Justice, the AA in Early Childhood not only teaches individuals how to become professionally sound, but also ethically rigorous, which ensures our students advocate for equitable practices with all students. 
  • OUTSTANDING EMPLOYMENT RATE:  ​95% of Eastern graduates are employed within their first year of graduation. ​(Based on 2016 data.) In the field of Education, Eastern University is active in the communities that we serve in the State of Pennsylvania.


Students who complete the program can go into various segments of the Child Care industry following the PA Early Childhood Education Pathway guidelines, along with paths to work in the field of Early Childhood Education as a PDE certified instructor.