Eastern Launches 100% Online PhD in Professional Practice

St. Davids, PA: Eastern University is excited to announce it is now offering a PhD in Professional Practice, designed to provide experienced professionals from diverse career paths an opportunity to carefully examine and thoughtfully assess the outcomes and professional contributions of their careers. 

The degree program is 100% online and can be completed in 3-5 years at the affordable cost of $450 per credit, totaling only $27,360 for the entire program. Students with a theology degree may also qualify for Advanced Standing and a lighter credit requirement. The program offers individualized mentorship from a doctoral supervisor, leading students on an intellectually stimulating path that is personalized towards their own professional goals and personal development.

Housed within Eastern’s Palmer College, this unique program focuses on the scholarly analysis of work within current theoretical and theological frameworks, industry best practices, vocational understanding of professional practice, and theological reflection. The combination and integration of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise allows students to dive deeper into sectors that demand a strong sense of purpose. 

“Beyond the confines of professional disciplines, the Ph.D. in Professional Practice is a celebration of your cultivated wisdom and the legacy you're destined to leave,” says Wynand de Kock, Program Director. “Specifically designed for seasoned professionals at the pinnacle of their careers, it invites individuals who aspire to transcend their current professional boundaries and leave an indelible mark on their respective fields.”

A PhD in Professional Practice opens doors to diverse careers, including senior practitioner roles, consulting positions, academic research opportunities, teaching positions, leadership roles, and more. 

Learn more about Eastern’s PhD in Professional Practice.

About Eastern University

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