Why Major in Individualized Music?

The BA in Music with a Concentration in Individualized Music Study is designed to prepare students for a self-crafted program of study under the supervision of their music advisor. With this individualized curriculum, which consists of foundational courses in theory and musicianship, concentrators have the flexibility to craft an intellectual pathway based on their particular interests and goals. Students are encouraged to create specialized music major concentration tracks in a number of ways such as Musical Theatre, Pre-Music Therapy, Music Science and Music Technology while participating in ensembles, solo performance, composition, music production, conducting and internship opportunities.

Audition: An audition is required for acceptance into the music major.  More Information.


With a BA in Music with a Concentration in Individualized Music students are prepared to enter careers as a:

  • Musical Theatre Actor/Singer/Performer 
  • Musical Theatre Music Director 
  • Music Therapist 
  • Music Bioacoustician
  • Music Publisher 
  • Music Specialist (concert, stage production)
  • Booking Agent 
  • Music Production Promoter
  • Music Marketing Executive
  • Record Label / A&R Director