The BA in Music with a General Music Concentration is designed to provide the (vocal or instrumental) student with instruction and disciplines to develop basic vocal and or instrumental musicianship skills with expert faculty in a nurturing environment within a broad liberal arts context. This General Music Concentration is for those who do not want to pursue Music Education, Composition or Performance as their be-all and end-all, but instead want a music education focusing on a more diverse spectrum of liberal arts knowledge in  preparation for graduate study in more specialized areas such as Ethnomusicology, Music Therapy, or Musicology, as well as broader careers inside and outside the world of music as well.

Audition: An audition is required for acceptance into the music major.  More Information.


With a BA in Music with a Concentration in General Music, students are prepared to enter careers as a:

  • Professional Musician (vocal/instrumental)
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Band Director
  • Choral Director
  • Music Advisor (educational institutions)
  • Ethnomusicologist (academic graduate school preparation)
  • University Music Professor (academic graduate school preparation)
  • Music Therapist (music support for emotional and physical rehabilitation)
  • Music Librarian
  • Music Journalist (music industry magazines, journals, newspaper, websites)
  • Music Blogger (music industry websites)
  • Music Critic (recorded and live music performances)
  • Music Agent (music industry)