Why Major in Music Composition/Electronic Music?

The BA in Music with a Music Composition/Electronic Music Concentration is designed to give the creative student the skills necessary to analyze, arrange, and compose works for the orchestra, chamber, musical theatre and jazz ensembles as well as disciplines in writing music for film and other media environments such as video games and television. This degree stresses not only the creative aspect of music composition, but also incorporates technology and performing areas of music as well. Students get a chance to work with internationally performed composers in developing their craft and technique so that they are prepared to tackle the myriad of opportunities available to the composer today.

Audition: An audition is required for acceptance into the music major.  More Information.


With a BA in Music with a Concentration in Music Composition/Electronic Music, students are prepared to enter careers as a:

  • Concert & Stage Composer (Classical, Opera, Contemporary, Jazz)
  • Musical Theatre Composer (Musical Theatre Songwriter, Orchestrator)
  • Film Composer (Film Scorer, Orchestrator)
  • Television Composer (TV Theme Composer, Source Music Orchestrator)
  • Video Game Music Composer (Multi-media platform Composer for consoles, mobile phones)
  • Assistant Composer (Composer Tech, Tech Assistant)
  • Music Arranger  (Re-imagines existing compositions)
  • Conductor  (Prepares orchestras, choral groups, music ensembles, leads them on concert stage)
  • Music Copyist  (Prepares scores)
  • Freelance Composer (Music Library Composer, Custom Music)