Chemistry Faculty & Research

Jeanne W. Bundens, PhD
Professor of Chemistry and Chair
PhD, Bryn Mawr College
Research:  Computational chemist who does molecular modeling of strained ring systems.
Interests:  Sustainability & trains education majors to teach chemistry.

Jeffrey A. Lawton PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Research: Protein biochemistry, studying macromolecules in host-pathogen interactions.
Interests: Developing greater ties with academic institutions in Asia.

Joon-Seo Park, PhD  
Associate Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of Houston
Research:  organic and organometallic chemistry to prepare bio-inspired molecules
Interests:  green chemistry and Christian environmental stewardship

Maria Fichera, PhD
Pre-Med Advisor, Professor of Biology
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Research:  parasitology focuses on the cellular mechanisms of drug action involving protozoan
Interests:  PreMed

Anna Ping Lawton, PhD
Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry and Biology
PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Interests: Advanced training experience in organic chemistry

Joe Karpinski, MS
Laboratory Manager
MS, Lehigh University
Interests:  extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry.

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