Eastern University Adds Computer Science as a BS Degree Program

ST. DAVIDS, PA, February 20, 2018—Eastern University is excited to announce a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science as the latest offering in the Mathematics Department. The program encourages students to unite together the exciting opportunities of mathematical problem solving with the computational power of the computer.

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President Matthews Begins Presidency as 10th President of Eastern University

Dr. Ron MatthewsSt. Davids, PA, March 1, 2018: Eastern University is pleased to announce that today marks the official start of the presidency of Dr. Ronald A. Matthews, 10th President of Eastern University. Prior to his appointment, Dr.

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Eastern University Awarded $20,000 Diversity and Multicultural Grant

ST. DAVIDS, PA, February 19, 2018— Eastern University was awarded a $20,000 Diversity and Multicultural Grant by National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference (NCMSLC). NCMSLC develops and promotes multicultural student leaders providing them with training on how to lead effectively in diverse settings. Support and funds are shared with organizations that share the mission and vision of NCMSLC. 

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Dr. Robert G. Duffett Resigns, Board Appoints Dr. Ronald A. Matthews New President

St. Davids, PA, February 6, 2018: Board of Trustees Chairman, Steve Clemens ’91, of Eastern University announces that President Dr. Robert G. Duffett has resigned from his position effective February 28, 2018 in order to pursue another goal of significant importance to him both personally and professionally. Dr. Duffett has indicated he remains devoted to the University and its mission and will assist the incoming president in a successful transition.

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Eastern University Ranked Among 25 Best Colleges for Students with Autism

ST. DAVIDS, PA, February 1, 2018— Eastern University has been ranked among the 25 Best Colleges for Students with Autism. The ranking from College Choice, a leading authority in college and university rankings and resources, put Eastern University at #21 for the Best Colleges for Students with Autism. 

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You’ve Been Framed, Senior Dance Concert February 2nd and 3rd

St. Davids PA, January 26, 2018: Eastern University’s Senior Dance Concert, You’ve Been Framed, promises to deliver a diverse program of entertaining, yet thought-provoking choreography.  Performances will be held Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd at 8:00 p.m. in McInnis Auditorium on the St. Davids campus.

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Amadeus Under the Stars, A Unique Planetarium Show and Concert Performance

St. Davids, PA – Eastern University Music and Astronomy & Physics Departments present Amadeus Under the Stars on Friday, February 16 at 7:30 p.m..  This unique performance will be split between McInnis Auditorium and the Julia Fowler Planetarium on the Eastern University Campus in St. Davids.  Patrons have the choice of when to see the planetarium show in between the concert performances.  

The concert portion will feature Eastern’s own Music Faculty: Dr. Ron Matthews, Jim Correnti, Stephen Framil, Gretchen Hull, Derek Kostovick, and John Silva.  

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Biochemical Researchers at Eastern University Move a Step Closer to Developing a Novel Means to Control Fire Blight Disease in Apple Trees

Courage Interviews with Philadelphia Eagles Players

St. Davids, PA, Jan 16, 2018 – As the Philadelphia Eagles ramped up for playoffs, several players took time out of their schedule to talk about Courage with Eastern University and Faith on the Field Show. Players Zach Ertz, Torrey Smith, and Steven Means spoke on a variety of topics, including the courage it takes to live out their faith publicly as professional athletes.

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Rev. Dr. Harold Trulear Speaker for Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

St. Davids, PA, January 12, 2018: Eastern University was honored to welcome to our Windows on the World lecture series today, as part of our Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration, former Templeton Honors College faculty and current Associate Professor of Applied Theology, Howard University School of Divinity, Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear.  Also the National Director of Healing Communities USA, Rev. Dr. Trulear’s lecture was titled, In a Building Not Made by Hands: Martin Luther King, Jr. the Beloved Community and Mass Incarceration.  

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