Susan Edgar-Smith

Dean, College of Education
PhD, Bryn Mawr University

Phone: 610-341-5911
Email: sedgarsm@eastern.edu

Tom Bonerbo
Tom Bonerbo, MA

Director of Non-Traditional Programs
Specialty: Health and Physical Education, Non-Traditional Programs
MA, Idaho State

Phone: 610-341-5911
Email: tbonerbo@eastern.edu

Jennifer Cipollone

Director of School Counseling Program
Affiliate Professor
Specialty: Counseling Education, College and Career
MA, LaSalle University

Email: jennifer.cipollone@eastern.edu

Harry Gutelius
Harry Gutelius, EdD

Professor of Education
Specialty: Teacher Training, Urban Education, Educational Administration
EdD, Wilmington University

Phone: 610-341-1729
Email: hguteliu@eastern.edu

Associate Professor
Specialty: Director of Reading Programs
EdD, St. Joseph's University

Phone: 484-654-2372
Email: kpegler@eastern.edu

Catherine A. Kunsch, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Eastern University

Director of School Psychology Program
Associate Professor
Specialty: School Psychology, School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions, Autism
PhD, Lehigh University

Phone: 610-341-1487
Email: ckunsch@eastern.edu

Nicole McKeown, MEd

Chair of the Special Education Programs
Specialty: Special Education & Education
MEd, St. Joseph's University

Phone: 610-341-1956
Email: nmckeown@eastern.edu

Cathy Neimetz

Chair of the Graduate Education Programs
Specialty: Early Childhood Education
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Phone: 610-225-5678
Email: cneimetz@eastern.edu

Kathy Van Horn, MEd

Associate Professor

Email: kvanhorn@eastern.edu

William Yerger
William Yerger, EdD

Director of Student Teaching
EdD, Lehigh University

Phone: 610-341-5858
Email: wyerger@eastern.edu

Affiliate Faculty and Program Directors

Affiliate Professor
Specialty: School Psychology
PhD, Northeastern University

Phone: 610-341-1595
Email: tbarnes1@eastern.edu

Glenn Batdorf, MEd

Affiliate Faculty
Specialty: Supervisor of Student Teachers, ACED courses
MEd, Arcadia University

Phone: 610-341-1383
Email: gbatdorf@eastern.edu

Max Bilkins, MEd

Director of Health/PE Certification
Specialty: Student Teaching Placement, Student Advisor
MEd, Temple University

Email: ibilkins@eastern.edu

Ronald Christman, EdD

Affiliate Faculty
Specialty: Teacher Training, Educational Administration
EdD, Immaculata University

Email: rchristm@eastern.edu

Frank Kawtoski, MA

Affiliate Faculty
Specialty: Student Teaching Placement, ACED, Classroom Management
MA, Lehigh University

Email: fkawtosk@eastern.edu

Greg McCord, MEd

Affiliate Faculty
Specialty: Math Methods, Student Teaching Supervisor
MEd, Millersville University

Email: gmccord@eastern.edu

Harry Mercurio, PhD

Affiliate Faculty
Specialty: Literacy Instruction, ACED
PhD, Widener University

Email: hmercuri@eastern.edu


Kim Campbell, BA

Coordinator of Education Services
BA, Eastern University

Phone: 610-341-5994
Email: kcampbel@eastern.edu

Adele Ressler, BA

Certification Officer/Executive Assistant to the Dean
BA, Bloomsburg University

Phone: 610-341-1383
Email: aressler@eastern.edu

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