“The Financial Aid Office exists to assist students financially in their journey through college.  We are committed to care for each student individually, devoted to attend to each need as promptly as possible, and determined to be a beacon of hope to those whose need is great.  We will challenge students to seek the best in themselves, while we expect the best of ourselves.  We are here to serve the students so that they may go serve others.  We are the Staff of the Financial Aid Office; where students come first.”

The Financial Aid Office’s daily operations include the processing of financial aid paperwork, response to emails, phone calls, and faxes, as well as face-to-face communications with students, parents, co-workers, and other individuals that visit our office.  We constantly strive to uphold our Mission Statement in all that we do to ensure that each and every student is treated equally and helped in a timely and caring manner.  As a Christian university serving students from all different backgrounds, we understand that we must set a Christian example for all of the individuals that we come in contact with to ensure that we are not only upholding our own Mission Statement, but also Eastern University’s Mission Statement.