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In addition to traditional loans, the following financial aid opportunities are available to graduate students:

For Graduate Employment (GPS Common Application) or information on loans and campus-wide scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office, at 610-225-5102 or In addition to graduate assistantship, limited research grant, fellowship, and graduate student employment opportunities may be available in Graduate Programs in Education. All applications must be sent to:

Eastern University
Graduate & Adult Undergraduate Admissions - Scholarship Applications
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087 U.S.A.

Priority filing deadline is March 15 each year. In addition to the graduate and professional studies requirements for graduate assistantship (GA), applicants for education graduate assistantship must follow this Graduate Programs in Education (Education GA Guidelines) to complete the application process.

1. Responsibilities

  1. Assist the education faculty with research, teaching, administrative responsibilities, and/or publishing endeavors during the regular academic semesters (fall and spring)
    • A part-time assistant will work 200 hours (7.5 hours per week).
    • A full-time assistant will work 400 hours (15 hours per week).  Due to the workload and required study hours, a full-time assistant should not expect to hold a full-time employment elsewhere.
  2. Regularly attend meetings and communicate with their faculty supervisor (needs to be available during the day)
  3. Complete tasks punctually and professionally
  4. Attend two GA meetings: one orientation at the beginning of the fall semester and one meeting in the spring
  5. Attend some departmental functions, as requested, to represent or speak for the department.
  6. Evaluate their GA experience and working relationship with their faculty supervisor at the end of the year.
  7. Enroll at least 6 credits per semester during the regular academic semesters and remain in their degree program at least for a year.
    • A part-time assistant must enroll at least for 6 credits per semester.
    • A full-time assistant must enroll at least for 6 credits for one semester and no more than 9 credits for the other semester.

2. Benefits

  1. Will have professional experiences working with the faculty
  2. Will receive tuition grant and hourly wages
    • A part-time assistant will receive a tuition grant approximately for 9 credits and wages up to $2,400 ($12 per hour)
    • A full-time assistant will receive a tuition grant approximately for 15 credits  and wages up to $ 4,800 ($12 per hour)
    • Check the GPS Common Application to see the exact amount of the tuition grant for the upcoming academic year.
  3. Can apply for the second year

3. Qualifications

  1. Excellent academic records (as indicated in the university application form)
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  3. Experience with various computer programs (word processing, spread sheet, web-publishing, image, and/or access)
  4. Experience with literature search skills (online and library)
  5. Willingness to be available as needed to complete tasks
  6. Self-motivated, creative, and independent worker

4. Application

  1. Necessary documents required by the GPS Common Application
  2. An additional essay (2-5 double-space pages) commenting on:
    • How this graduate assistantship would assist you with academic and professional development
    • How you would give top priority to your graduate studies and this GA responsibilities
  3. One recommendation should be from your professor or your previous GA faculty supervisor commenting on your academic ability or your performance as an assistant
  4. A Self-Evaluation Form

5. Selection Process

  1. Submit your complete application to:
    • Eastern University Graduate & Adult Undergraduate Admissions - Scholarship Applications 1300 Eagle Road St. Davids, PA 19087 U.S.A.
  2. The priority deadline is March 15 each year.  We'll accept applications until we find highly qualified individuals and funds are exhausted.
  3. Once the Graduate Education Council receives your complete applications from the Admissions office, we will bring you in for an interview (or phone interview in case of out-of-town applicants) before making a decision.
  4. 1-2 full-time and 3-5 part-time assistantships will be offered for the next year.
  5. If students fail to remain full time during a school year, to maintain GPA 3.25, to complete required hours of work, and to perform at the satisfactory level after being selected as an assistant, assistantship could be revoked and students must pay back the tuition grant.